On Sunday, London Scottie Club’s convoy of Scotties ventured to one of the capital’s borders. But rather than being met with a 10 foot high wall, it was a pleasant green space in the leafy county of Buckinghamshire.

And leafy, mild and sunny, it still was, despite the advancing days of November. And how symmetrical? Who noticed that it was actually 181118? Never mind, we had more to focus on!

I was there

A total of 12 dogs attended, of which Scotties were nine. Still, they were all terriers as one Westie, one Schnauzer and one Jack Russell made up the “dirty dozen” on patrol in tough terrain keen to conquer the squirrels’ hideouts.

Often off-lead, the dogs were able to run around in Langley Park, close to the Black Park area in Iver and just a stone’s throw from where songstress Cilla Black used to live in Denham.

(It was also great exercise for human walkers too, although Sonya I think I probably put those calories back on with that cappuccino, thank you – George).

What made this gathering special was how it came about in the first place.

I was not there!

We have previously had members suggest a place for a walk, such as Surrey Hills and composer Vaughan Williams’ home or Hyde Park. But this was the first time that a member actually arranged and planned the event. So our thanks to recent member Pippa Clarke who suggested the event and built up interest among members on the LSC Full Members WhatsApp Group messenger.

Indeed, the WhatsApp group has proven a real hit and almost daily there will be someone asking questions about Scotties or sharing their pooches’ latest photos. Either way, it makes networking come alive, from the convenience of the digital world into the incomparable real world.

One of the nice things about the WhatsApp group is that is allows everyone to have a voice. And unlike other social media groups, when our members say “see you later” they really mean it.

Langley Park, Bucks

Pippa remarked that in her area there are no Scotties that she is aware of and that Sunday marked the first time she has seen how her Scottie Pym reacts to fellow Scotties. I can only hope she found the experience great fun. And that Pym feels lonely no more!

The park was a combination of forest and plains and enclosed by a gate system.

It’s always great to meet new members and a fair number were able to come along. But when one of them crossed London from deepest Ashford in Kent to reach north west London, it is even more of a feat.

We hope you enjoy the gallery and our thanks to all the members who sent in their photos and videos. We will be expanding our coverage on YourTube in the months ahead so don’t forget videos are just as engaging as a good photo.

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