As you may have read earlier this year, London Scottie Club now focuses on its UK membership to best support the Scotties, the Very Important Pooches.

As LSC is only possible through the help of volunteers and continues to charge no fee for lifetime membership, we have to impose some restrictions to ensure that we can process members in a way that is fair to new members and volunteers alike.

This means that since 2024, any UK-based Scottie owner who completes our online form to join London Scottie Club, will be admitted at our next quarterly admissions day. This is typically 7-10 days before our next quarterly Walkabout.

Hence, for the 29 June 2024 Walkabout that means new members can expect to receive their membership cards and access to our popular WhatsApp groups around 19-22 June. For those who apply after the third week in June, they would be admitted on 19-22 September to be in time for our 29 September 2024 Walkabout. Check your spam email folder!

If you apply before:

LSC member from:

19 June 2024

19-22 June 2024

19 September 2024

19-22 September 2024

4 December 2024

4-7 December 2024

As you can apply for join at any time of the year, some members have been anxious to know that we have their applications. Please do not worry – if you received our automated reply acknowledging receipt and explaining that membership is being processed, then you don’t need to do anything unless we are five days before the next Walkabout – in which case you are welcome to email to enquire.

The Club has also been in receipt of various requests from the public, such as where to find a Scottie breeder, or who can groom their dog for exhibiting at dog shows.

London Scottie Club, although national, can only cater for its registered membership and cannot promise to respond to emails from non-members asking for help. Thanks for your understanding.

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