This month, London Scottie Club celebrates 8 years. In that time our membership has swelled and over the years we have had close to 200 Members and around 250 Scottish Terriers join.

We even opened our doors 2 years ago to welcome Members from overseas.

Some of our Members have moved out of London and some have moved out of the UK.

None are orphans. All Members who joined in the past 8 years are welcome to remain members of London Scottie Club! Regardless of whether they were originally with us in London or joined from abroad.

However, we are volunteers and admin has been steadily increasing. Admission is also free of charge, but not free of costs. We want to focus on members who can attend our events and who are more likely to engage in our popular WhatsApp groups.

So we have taken the difficult decision to restrict membership to new Members who are in the UK only. This is effective from March 2024. Membership applications for Scotties or their owners who do not reside in the UK will no longer be processed. Thank you for your understanding.

We also want to manage the admin a bit more effectively. So from March 2024, memberships will only be processed 4 times a year, around 10 days prior to our next quarterly Walkabouts. So for the next Walkabout on 29 June 2024 expect your applications to be processed around 19-22 June 2024. You can still apply any time but please be patient as to when you will be admitted to the club and keep in mind the new quarterly cycle.

By order of London Scottie Club

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