Dear LSC Member,

As you will be aware via WhatsApp, London Scottie Club is relaunching its website. Although exciting new features await, there is a bit of boring stuff we need you to do.

All existing members – that includes you – will have to re-apply to the club before 22 May 2021. That means a new, much simplified form needs to be completed for EACH dog and a nice photo of your dog has to be uploaded with it.


The previous profiles have all had to be shredded, partly because of privacy rules around GDPR.

If you don’t complete the new form before 22 May, LSC will assume you no longer wish to be a member and will have to remove you from our database totally and that includes access to our WhatsApp.

As we are sure you don’t want that to happen, a small bit of your time to complete the form now will help keep you a member. And remember, membership remains FREE.

Please click on this button to proceed to the form to complete.