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A Scottie is not only for Lockdown

Updated 5 December 2021 It seems such an obvious statement, upgraded from the infamous "A dog is not only for Christmas" campaign. A year and a week after we wrote the original article below, there...

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EP 16: Scottie MOT | Cath Marchbank

This week we make a meal of it. Scottie diets can be balanced kibble and soft, or they can involve raw food or processed food. Cath Marchbank tackles the latest questions. If you have a question for Scottie MOT be sure to visit https://londonscottie.club/contacts/ and provide as much detail as you can (attach photos or short video if this helps). All Scottish Terrier owners are welcome to submit questions.

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Lexi loves people, and also loves cheese, carrots, cucumbers and tummy rubs. She also loves going for walks – and takes pretend poos when she doesn’t feel like walking any more. She thinks playing ball is for suckers but loves chasing squirrels and pigeons.