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Scottish Terriers have unique needs!

We have split up this page into half a dozen handy sections. Terms and conditions are below the sections.


Terms & Conditions: Why is your business in our directories? Members exchange ideas via the London Scottie Club’s WhatsApp Convo. When two or more members recommend a place that treated their Scottie well, or that lived up to claims of being dog-friendly, they can nominate the business to be added to an expanding directory of day care centres, grooming salons, hotels or restaurants. Recommendations are based on personal experiences and London Scottie Club does not ordinarily vet businesses but relies on the goodwill and feedback of its members. The Club will endeavour to inform businesses that get added to the directory but the Club is under no obligation to retain details and can update them if requested by members. The Club will only correct details if requested by the businesses themselves. Businesses are invited to contact the Club via the Contact Form. London Scottie Club derives no benefits or financial reward from the directory and presents the directory lists solely for information purposes to help members. As such, London Scottie Club does not endorse nor confirm the businesses. London Scottie Club takes all feedback seriously and if members report to us issues or business closures, we reserve the right to remove the said businesses from our lists without notice.