As every Christmas holiday lately, the Scottish Terrier looms large in brand marketing, with sweaters, socks and boxes of biscuits all displaying scenes with Scotties. Adorable and iconic, it is no real wonder.

But at London Scottie Club this Christmas we asked our members to show how they were enjoying their festivities in the comfort of their homes with the company of their Scotties. Here is the result of photos taken between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day 2021.

We include both a photo gallery below as well as a video cinema. We also feature one video on our YouTube channel so that more people can find this article and join in the fun that everyone clearly has had!

Although we were unable to include every single photo, we were delighted by the response and the varied images and videos that were sent in.

Thanks to everyone who sent in their photos! And wishing you all a Happy and most of all healthy New Year from London Scottie Club!


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