When walking your Scottie, you have probably had people walk up at some point and say that the dog looks like one featured on Whyte and Mackay Scotch whisky bottles. And you have probably had to set their record straight that they actually meant a rival brand, the blended Black and White.

Created back in the 19th century by London-based distiller James Buchanan, the label has carried the trademark terriers since the 1890s. An everyday drinking blend that was drunk by James Bond in film Moonraker in 1980, and is also seen in the 1962 debut Bond movie Dr. No. It was also a favoured tipple of actor Dean Martin.

Buchanan apparently got the idea for the brand on his way home from a dog show – quite possibly Crufts which launched at the time – and the black Scottie and white Westie were added to the label, becoming iconic symbols.

But be aware that in the 1930s-1950s many of the whisky labels were printed without the iconic terriers.

Now owned by Diageo, Black and White claims to be most successful in Brazil, France and Venezuela. At present, the brand is sold only outside the UK.

For those who want some more trivia on the whisky:

In Cheers season 6 episode 5 “The Crane Mutiny”, Frasier orders a scotch, and Woody pours him a Black & White on the rocks.

Italian heart throb actor Marcello Mastroianni drank Black & White in the Fellini classic film La Dolce Vita.

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