‘Tis that time of the year again and you will all be gathering as families with your Scotties near to you, to celebrate this most festive of seasons.

Parents know how tough it is to conceal the gifts from their kids and how they had to buy the presents well in advance to ensure stocks (and prices) during Black Friday and Cyber Monday a month ago!

What did Santa bring? Well, you may have longer than December 25 to find out! That’s because we had much the same experience, keeping a special gift under lock and key.

The promotional video that was filmed this summer at Epping Forest, Brighton and National Trust Bateman’s, is about to be unwrapped.

The video has actually been ready since 28 November, when editor Louis Judkins dropped it to us for our review. Popcorn ready, we took one look at it – and didn’t change a thing! It is all there, exactly how we hoped it would turn out. Only even better!

So all that time we had to keep it hidden from prying eyes. Who made the final director’s cut? How did my hair look? Did my pooch get in?

For those who did make the director’s cut, it will indeed be a special moment. A real souvenir for months to come. The gift that just keeps giving! In years to come, you can look back and be proud you came to those Walkabouts and took part. To those who didn’t make it, we know you will wish you were there. No one is judging you – many of you have reasons why you cannot come along to our Walkabouts, but we encourage you to do so in future – especially since we announced last week a Monopoly Game board-themed series of Walkabouts for 2022 and a special prize!

Now the all-important question. Where is the video? Well, as we said, the video has been ready for its screening for a month. It is just under three minutes long and its purpose is to educate the public to why we love Scottish Terriers and why people join the London Scottie Club.

It will premiere at 1800 GMT on 31 December 2021 on YouTube. The video will serve as our latest video on our YouTube channel and double-up as the explanatory video on our YouTube channel. It will also appear on the home page of our website where the slideshow has graced since the website was relaunched in May this year. The video will also serve as a great retrospective of 2021 as we countdown to 2022.

Please be sure to follow us on YouTube and not to miss the special countdown that we have in store, from 1800 GMT. The video will appear on our website at around 1810 GMT on 31 December. We hope you love it and thanks to everyone who took part in its making.

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