February 2018 to February 2019 was the Chinese Year of the Dog. On the occasion of this auspicious event which comes just once every 12 years, we asked members of London Scottie Club to write about the highlights of their Scottie’s year and we share these with you in a weekly series of blogs. Please expand gallery photos by clicking on individual pictures below the article.


A year in the life of Douglas Scottish Knight

As told by himself

So ah saw the New Year in at ma favourite hotel in the whole world, The Douglas, on Arran. Ah ken- imagine naming a hotel after me. Here ah am, watching the sun set oan the auld year wi ma girlfriend Pippa.

Admit looks more like a scene out of Porridge and Mr Mackay will appear!

And this is me lookin all smashin oan the Spiral Staircase in ma suite.

Hogmanay is exhaustin-so when ah got back hame tae Windsor I had tae crash oot.

But January is a demandin time fur a wee scottie. Nae sooner wiz New Year over, but ah wiz in demand fur Burns Nicht.It isnae easy bein a Scottish icon.

February came and ah decided tae show aff ma gorgeous silhouette tae the world before the snow came.

Ah just LOVE the snow. Ma daddy hates it because I get soakin wet. But ah still manage tae look handsome. And bein as handsome as me, all the laydeez are efter me. But there is jist one wee bonnie lass fur me…

Pippa! This wiz me and her oan Valentines day.

Ah huv tae fight a’ the other dugs tae guard her honour. This is me tellin thon Rhodesian Ridgeback Cesar-tae BACK AFF!

Ah just love Pippa ye see.

And so we move tae the summer when ah showed they ba’ laddies at Wimbledon how tae dae the job properly.

As weel as bein gorgeous, ah’m also a guid wee friend tae ma daddy and every so often ah allow him tae get a’ soppy wi me.

But ah’m at ma happiest runnin free wi ma buddies…

…leadin them intae new adventures…

…or fendin aff those pesky Beagles Ronnie and Reggie. Whit’s a’ that slobberin aboot?

But a’ year-ah’ve been a happy wee dug.

And as ma daddy says, “there is nothing mair wonderful than a Scottie Smile.”

Ah wisnae smiling in October when ah hud a sair wee paw and hud tae wear this THING roond ma pus.

But ah got ma smile back in time fur remembrance Sunday, even if it’s a sad occasion! Ma bad timing.

And so tae the HIGHLIGHT o ma year. When ah got tae meet a’ ma buddies in the London Scottie Club.

Athough a wisnae impressed that a WESTIE managed tae infiltrate oor ranks. We’re EAST COAST DUGS! Like ma daddie.

Well, it’s been lovely sharin ma memoirs wi youse all-but ah’m exhausted

So ah’m aff fur 40 winks…

And whit a year it’s been- but next year promises tae be even mair special because this little lady is aboot tae come intae ma life. For god’s sake…DINNAE TELL PIPPA!

Love and aroos
Douglas Scottish Knight
Aka Wee Doogie.


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