The TIPS sections of the website have just become more of a buzz. Today we launched the first entry on our new Directories.

These list places that are Scottie friendly and chosen by our membership. No sponsorship or advertising is involved, and the lists are password-protected to ensure that they are a resource to Members rather than a free advert for everyone.

We have three directories: Grooming, Day Care, and Hotels & Restaurants.

Symbol of our password-protected lists

Getting on the lists is not easy and we don’t expect a phone book of entries either. We need at least two Members to have experienced a business before we can add it to the list.

Businesses can also be de-listed if we receive more than one complaint.

Members will be issued with a password to access the Directories to view them. And new entries will have a screenshot of the data sent to the business for their records or corrections.

At this stage, only one entry exists, on the Grooming section. Over time we hope to see some competition within the grooming list. Likewise, we look forward to Scottie-friendly day care centres, hotels and restaurants being added for the first time.

We do not use metrics. So we are not ranking places by price, speed of booking, or other features. The assessments are general and from Members only.

The more that Members share their experiences, the more we can have a comprehensive list of really good places that we are not shy to share. We all want Scotties to benefit from the best care and service and to live long happy and healthy lives. Let’s work together as a community to make that happen. Thank you.

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