London Scottie Club has grown far and wide and now represents Scotties from all of the United Kingdom. The club knows the importance of identity – just as distinct as Scotties themselves are. So we celebrate the fact the the UK is actually made up of four countries: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

Today is St David’s Day. St David is the patron saint of Wales. And many of our Scotties originate from breeders in Wales, such as Pudding and Pikush.

We asked some of our members on WhatsApp Convo to take the time and take some nice portraits of their Scotties to celebrate Wales’s day and so here are a selection with daffodils. Looks like the leeks were left out this time!

Fraser had to “cheat” in that he’s in Canada just now while his two Scotties are on the lovely Scottish isle of Arran. So where’s the cheat? Not so much that the lens carrier is another. But rather fun fact: Daffodils do not grow in Arran so they have to be in pots and cut.

On March 17 we look forward to repeating this with shamrocks and pints of Guinness as we will party with Ireland’s St Patrick’s Day!

Important fact: Daffodils can be toxic for dogs. Make a great photo but don’t let your Scotties binge on the yellow flowers!


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