London Scottie Club has launched a special new area of the website to pay tribute and respect to Scotties when they cross the rainbow bridge. The new section, In Memoriam, launched today was created by our web guru Fran Gilles and can be found in the drop down menu with Our VIPs. We hope you find it a fitting way to mark what has to be the inevitable yet hardest day for any Scottie’s owner.

London Scottie Club has grieved with its Members when they have lost a Very Important Pooch. Scotties live on average 12 years, with some achieving a longer life, and some sadly less.

When a Member’s VIP passes away, the Member normally contacts the LSC Convo WhatsApp group to inform others in the club. At that point we record the date in the profile of the dog online. We also recommend the Member to email the club officially to inform us of the date of loss. We know it is an emotional and difficult time, but it is very much appreciated if Members can help us keep our records and their status up to date.

From today, upon the loss of a loved Scottie, we will transfer the entry in a summarised format to a section called “In Memoriam“.

The idea is that we will be able to remember a Scottie, which not only is a loss to the Member, but also to fellow Members many of whom have befriended the VIP on various London Walkabouts.

So in addition to the outpouring of grief from fellow Members on WhatsApp, we now have a lasting space for the lost Scottie too.

We want to also remind Members that even if they do not opt to have another Scottie, the Member remains an Honorary Member. If they are in the UK that means that they qualify to remain in our WhatsApp groups, if they originally chose to.

Just like with those who move out of London, the club continues to welcome Members who lost a Scottie.

At time of publishing this article, we recorded 13 Scottie losses in the club, out of a current membership of 136 VIPs. However, around 20% of our Members forgot to re-register their VIPs when the website was relaunched in 2021, or lost a dog before the website relaunch and so did not re-submit their dog.

We hope that the web area we have created will offer some comfort for Members.

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