On Saturday 25 March our quarterly Walkabout set off for a new territory to be conquered. It was a posh part of town, one of whose famous former residents was the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Under the social media tag #DoneItInDulwich Scotties descended on Dulwich Village and its high street. The dogs turned heads before the clan set off for a short walk to Dulwich Park. By this time the threat of rain was behind us and it remained sunny for the walk.

We met, for the first time, Olga’s dog Bruster. As you may remember Olga came to her first Walkabout last December, dogless. We enjoyed tea at the mid-way stage.

It was also pleasing to see that a Scottie was being used in a positive way by municipal signage. As you may know, we have campaigned against using a Scottie to depict fouling litter signs as this portrays our dogs in a negative way, and most of all, targets Scotties as if they are the main culprits. Judging by how many Labradors and Cockapoos are in London, Scotties are not the main culprits!

Dulwich Park boasts a perimeter area of this vast park for dog play and uses a Scottie to draw attention to it on the maps.

Dulwich Park is also home to one of the top-5 oldest trees in London. Quite something when you realise that is at last 500 years.

Here we share a few photos from members galleries, first shared on the LSC Convo last week. See you end of June for the next Walkabout!


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