Everyone knows how elegant and adroit a profile Scotties cut. They are iconic for that very reason.

Scotties also lend themselves to all manner of useful household functions, and I bet someone has a weather vane on their roof top, or a Scottie sundial in the garden. Yes so many super useful products out there.

But one that excited London Scottie Club Convo-goers on Thursday was bookends. Having bought some cast iron Scottie bookends in the hip up-and-coming Bermondsey area of London, it was not long before Scottie fans were on our WhatsApp group displaying their bookends too. In fact, responses started coming in around 48 seconds after the initial post!

It is easy to see how the angular shapes Scotties cut really make unbeatable book ends, supporting books from collapsing on each other in a domino-effect calamity.

We also loved Fraser’s book ends…two real Scotties either side of books, that seemed not to struggle to keep themselves vertical!

Here is a selection of photos we received that made everyone’s day. And we won’t comment on the “well-wisher” who sent a birthday card to one of our members.


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