London Scottie Club is proud to announce that today we have accepted our first new Member in Asia.

Neil joins us with his VIP Stella, born in 2020, from Singapore in Asia!

Stella becomes our second overseas VIP, following Ozzy in Arizona, USA, who was introduced to the Club by new Member Janice earlier this year.

We even have members who moved to London from places like New Zealand, and have since moved back to NZ! So London Scottie Club has become international as well as national.

In March 2022, London Scottie Club opened to Members worldwide following the growing popularity of our content on the website and social media. Anyone from overseas can become an Honorary Member. This means, their VIP is displayed on the website and the Member receives our newsletters. The only things they do not get access to are: WhatsApp groups, a Member Tag, or access to our new Tips Directories. The reasons for these exclusions are mostly practical ones!

We hope Neil enjoys being part of a growing Scottie community, which now links hands across the globe. Scotties United!

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