Scottish Terriers are known to be full of character and attitude. But colourful?

Well, yes, that can now be added to their never-ending list of talents. The feisty little proud terriers were the talk of the town – St Andrews in Scotland – in October and November as large statues of Scotties painted in various artistic designs began to appear. And with it several Members of the London Scottie Club ventured the 470 miles or eight-and-a-half hour drive to the town famous as the home of golf sport.

Scotties by the Sea is an initiative of local businesses and artists to (Angus?) beef up the area. More than 30 giant Scottie sculptures appeared in St Andrews and the Northeast Fife coastal area, decorated by local artists and communities. This 10-week free extravaganza began in September and concludes with a farewell ceremony on 18-19 November. More details below.

But there is also an important fund-raising role, as well as promotional function, linked to the event. As their website says: “At the end of the trail the Scotty Dog sculptures will be auctioned to raise much needed funds for Maggie’s. Your financial support will help Maggie’s employ cancer-support specialists, pay for nutrition courses, fund a benefits advisor, organise walking and exercise groups, and generally support the 15,000 visits we have from local people with cancer and their families.”

You can see the statues to be auctioned off here.

There is still time to see the Scotties, before they are all uprooted in a special farewell ceremony weekend taking place on 18-19 November.

🕙 Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM | Sunday, 10 AM – 4 PM
📍 The Younger Hall, St Andrews
🎟️ Admission: £5 for adults, £2 for kids (under 4s go free)

All 30 Scotties by the Sea Sculptures from the art trail and their 15 Wee Dug pups will be gathered together for the final time, before finding their forever homes on 30 November.

Among those Members who headed up for this limited season display were Shellen, Elaine, Fraser and Gill.

Anyone for golf?

The concept of the Scotties, raising money for charity, is based on the same great artistic craze as one of elephants at the Chelsea Flower show about a decade ago, or another in Europe of cattle.

Among canines, it was clear artists would make a bee-line straight to iconic Scotties and on their own turf near to their Aberdeen birthplace.

One of London Scottie Club’s Meeting Marshals is Fraser Grant. He now lives in Edinburgh. So you might think he had a head start on everyone. Well, here’s his take:

The trip to St Andrews highlighted a few things: 1) St Andrews is a five hour round trip from Edinburgh! 2) The Scotties are really spread out and some are in neighbouring towns. 3) Maggie is getting old and slightly blind and really now hates walking on lead so we managed to see 4 in 2 hours! (The fact there are steep hills didn’t help). The sculptures really are fun and they get a massive reaction from people when real Scotties turn up to view them.Fraser Grant

Below we share some of the great photos our Members posted on our WhatsApp Convo or directly with the London Scottie Club newsroom. We furthermore share the thoughts of one Member, Shellen Hoey, on her experience of going to Scotland with Flora:

There’s something truly magical about exploring the rugged beauty of Scotland, especially when you have a loyal furry friend by your side. I’ll share some of the best memories from my unforgettable adventure in Scotland with my beloved dog, as well as our encounter with the Scotties by the Sea – a heartwarming cause that celebrates these iconic dogs.

The Journey Begins
Flora, myself and my husband embarked on our Scottish adventure with great excitement. From the moment we landed in Fife, the stunning landscapes and rich history of Scotland always captivated us. My husband is Scottish so feels like home to us.

Our journey took us to the picturesque coastal town of St. Andrews, known for its stunning beaches and the world-famous St. Andrews Links golf course. It was there that we stumbled upon Scotties by the Sea. This unique cause celebrates Scottish Terriers, or “Scotties,”.

The best memories from our Scotland adventure include watching the sunset over the cliffs of St. Andrews with my dog by my side, sharing delicious traditional Scottish dishes, and connecting with fellow dog lovers at Scotties by the Sea. The shared passion for these iconic Scottish Terriers created a sense of community that we’ll cherish forever. Flora loved standing next to each statue and by the end she was smiling to the camera.

Exploring Scotland with my dog and discovering the Scotties by the Sea initiative was a journey filled with unforgettable moments. The art, culture, and warmth of the Scottish people, combined with our love for the iconic Scottie breed, created memories that will stay with us forever. Our adventure not only deepened our bond but also allowed us to contribute to a noble cause, making it an experience we’ll forever hold close to our hearts. Scotland’s beauty, rich history, and the spirit of its people and Scotties by the Sea made it an incredible adventure.

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