Tonight’s Zoom meeting for London Scottie Club members was all about souvenirs that we have all collected. And Bric-A-Brac it wasn’t.

While we had two categories, Best and Naffest, some items seemed to be popular with other club members.

We had several salt n pepper figurines, plus personal paintings, a face mask, embroidered cloths, T-Shirts, Monopoly Scottie money box, mugs, bookends, baubles…Didn’t they do well! As one TV quizmaster used to say on the Generation Game.

Although a lot of “ooh wow” was to be heard, as many as three people had salt n pepper figurines and the signs saying Scotties run the house.

It was a lot of fun for the 40 minutes we maxed out.

Scottie memorabilia is popular because Scotties are iconic. If you feel you have room for more, how about getting some classic items and raising money for a good cause? Our friends at STECS have an online shop here and some lovely items too. Get your paws on them now!

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