We are on the look-out for truly talented Scotties who can sing and better, can hold their harmonies in the midst of a chorus for front-line staff in the fight against Covid-19.

Tonight’s Zoom has been postponed. Instead, on Sunday 3 May at 5pm on the London Scottie Club’s ever-popular Zoom chats, we are encouraging you to join us for a collective Scottie sing-a-long as we pay tribute to NHS workers, as well as transport, retail and others who are working despite the risks of Coronavirus.

Will it be some talented opera from that super composer Joe Green (Verdi) or a military polonaise from Fred’s Chopping Board? Perhaps a rendition of Who Let The Dogs Out? or just another cover version of that 1982 number one hit Da Da Da by Trio.

Most likely, it will be whatever Aroo the pooches decide they want to sing along to.

Make a date and join us on May 3 from 5pm.

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