So you own one, two, three or more Scotties. You look after them, you spoil them rotten, and you let them run your home. But are you the ultimate fan?

Fans of music artists have all the posters on their bedroom walls, and attend every gig. Fans of sport have the autographed ball which cost them an arm and a leg at auction.

In the Scottish Terrier world, that same trait is best illustrated by the memorabilia which Scottie owners possess. And how can you blame them? Scotties are iconic and lend themselves to portrayal in many ways, just like their distinctive cameo on the side of a mug (see photo).

For the next Zoom event on Sunday 19 April at 8pm, London Scottie Club members are invited to showcase their best and naffest Scottie memorabilia during the weekly chat.

Will there be any rags and bones? Will it be unusual finds from holidays past? Will it be priceless works of art? One-offs, cast-offs, or items that seemed like a good idea at the time?

We are asking each member to select up to three items for the two categories of best and naffest and to discuss how they came to own them and what they mean to them. Should be a lot of fun.

And if you are showing mugs, paleeeease given them a good wash first! Nothing spoils it more than

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