Easter Sunday is nearly here. So as well as finding entertaining amusements for your Scotties, you may have to think of something for (human) kids at home.

Egg hunts may be prohibited and egg and spoon races the same. But there are other things that you can do.

You may know how bored kids must be of social distancing, self-isolating, and having to eat mum’s food for a change!

To keep them occupied and avoid them making the family Scotties into a paper plane here are a couple of colour-me-in pictures depicting Scotties in a very seasonal Easter setting. Make your own Scottie Easter Card!

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Back to the Easter cards…

What you will need:

  • paper
  • printer
  • crayons or felt-tipped pens
  • PDF reader (optional) on your PC or smartphone. Or simply download from your internet browser

Below you will see two images. Click on the bottom edge of each to open a browser window with the image enlarged in PDF format. Then either print from your browser or download the images onto your PC and print out the images.

If you have a new era smart printer, you can also download the images onto your smartphone and then wirelessly print out the images via your printer.

So once you have it on paper, you will need to spot where the Scottie is. And then the fun begins!

We wonder what exotic and amazing Easter colours your kids will choose? Just remember that Scotties come in three official colours: Black, Brindle and Wheaten. But a purple Scottie would be amazing too, or even multi-coloured.

If you would like to take a photo of your coloured-in Easter cards and email them to the club we would be pleased to share them on the website. Full members can also choose to share them via our WhatsApp messenger group.

Or how about parading them in the Zoom meeting we hold Sunday at 8pm?

For reasons of privacy we ask that if you want to be in the selfie with your masterpiece it is best adults aged 18 years or older, otherwise a minor can be in the photo so long as only the top half of their face (to the nose) is in the photo. So forehead, eyes and then below that your coloured picture!

If you need some inspiration to colour in the images, you may like to also read our weekend article from Sonya about a real painter called Sir Edwin Leadseer who more than 100 years ago painted Scotties. Read here.

Click the bottom edge of these images above in order to see the entire image ready for downloading or printing!

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