With the surge in popularity of WhatsApp, which London Scottie Club also embraces, many of our Members have not had the pleasure of getting to know some individual Members. The chats in the Convo are a great way to get started. And sometimes Members get approached by other Members bi-laterally.

But how do you know if someone is a Member?

The best way to respond to someone who says “hi” out of the blue is to ask them about their dog’s name and perhaps also age of their dog.

Then head over to the website section called “Our VIPs and use the member search half way down the page to enter their dog’s name. If they are a Member, you should find the VIPs profile in our system, together with first name of its owner (the Member) and the date of birth of their dog.

This is a discreet way to verify identities. But if you ever suspect something is not right, please do inform LSC of the incident by emailing us details of when and what happened. We take the privacy and safety of all our Members seriously.

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