One of the most endearing qualities about the hit WhatsApp LSC Convo – Britain’s biggest live conversation among Scottie owners – is the creativity and observations of its Members.

We share a photo that was taken by Neil in London. But what is it? Could it be a badger? Nay, surely a fox!

The feline slimline snout looks passably to be a fox, a favourite of Scottish Terriers to chase with wild abandon.

But look a little more closely. Those ears look more like eyes for a start. Look a little further and you might have guessed by now that it is neither badger nor fox.

In fact it is Neil’s little lady Bunty’s tummy! Looking ready for a favourite pastime of Scotties, not chasing vermin but rather indulging in a rewarding gentle tummy rub.

Some 90% of London Scottie Club members are now on WhatsApp and enjoying the banter that comes with belonging to this growing community. If you are not, you are missing out!

Since March 2022, London Scottie Club is open to anyone with a Scottie in the UK to join. And those abroad become honorary members (but cannot join the whatsapp Convo, sorry).

Just like London-based all-talk radio LBC became Britain’s biggest conversation when it went national, so too we are opening our welcoming doors to more Scottie owners! Be sure to join us right here today,

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