A few years ago, a Member of the London Scottie Club told me “Scotties are well-known for not being sofa dogs.” Well-known?

One of my Scotties regularly sits on my sofa next to me, especially when he sees me sit down…..as if he is trying to book a place and prevent me from occupying the entire generous two-seater. The other Scottie would gladly try, but he is beaten to it by the first one!

I wondered if there was any truth in the notion that Scotties are not sofa dogs, and that my two are somehow abnormal.

At the weekend, a few Members posted photos on WhatsApp Convo – Britain’s biggest daily Scottie owners’ conversation – of their dogs resting on sofas, the settee , or the Chaise Longue. How ever you call it. It all started off with Jann’s Ben sitting on the brand new sofa. I was very pleased to encourage it as we started to see a torrent of Scotties on sofas. I can now declare there really is no truth in the idea that Scotties are not sofa dogs.

Here we share the best of the photos that landed on the WhatsApp Convo. If you are a Member be sure to sign up for our WhatsApp groups. You are missing out if you don’t!

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