It has been a difficult year for many Scottie owners, as the cost of living has been on the rise. So Christmas is a time when we all try to forget the daily toil and enjoy some festive fun, with our Scotties! But it is also a time when most of us don’t live in fear of a war, less one that is actually a reality.

Meet little Pickle who is with the Dogs Trust and needed a home. She is 9 years old. Yes, she’s a Scottie

So this year, in addition to a fabulous gallery of photos London Scottie Club Members shared via our WhatsApp group, we also remember the 12 pin-up photos in the lovely Ukrainian 2023 Calendar that some of you bought from our friends in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine.

One of our members also nearly adopted a Scottie who really needs a home. This photo may upset but it did motivate several people to come forward to offer Pickle a home. The image does show the extent to which mistreatment of a dog can lead to its breed being indistinguishable. We understand she has now gone to a good home.

For our gallery below, we continue to include captions as supplied by members with their photos, where available.

We hope you had a great Christmas, hugged your Very Important Pooch, and look forward to 2023 and the Year of the Rabbit!



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