Hello fellow readers and listeners. This is Amy from the London Scottie Club newsroom. I have a wee small announcement I would like to make.

For the first time we have combined to bring you audio and our text articles together! From now on, you will be able to listen to our articles as podcasts as well as read them on the website. The idea was first introduced in 2016 and we called it “Blog On The Go”. Well, now it is really here. We will not select everything that we post on the website. But we will select articles that we feel will be suited to podcasts. Be sure to subscribe to our podcasts from your favourite podcast player app. And be sure to visit our website to see cute Scotties and their amazing stories. Here’s our first story, A Scottie Snow Ball.

December can bring its challenges when it comes to weather. After weeks of forecasts of another “Beast from the East”, the first since a Russian storm paralysed London in 2018, the snow invaded us again since Sunday.

A thick layer too in parts.

For the past two days London Scottie Club members have been trying to keep warm by feverishly typing and sharing photos and videos of their pooches getting into the swing of snow.

Hampstead Heath, for example, resembled more the Cairngorms than anything a mild winter would muster.

Scotties descend from the Scottish Highlands and are very adept in the snow. It is usually only us owners who fuss that we need to coat them. We have compiled a little gallery of photos and videos that capture the rapture of events these past 48 hours.

But what’s new? Well, for the first time, we have decided to caption images with the words used by their owners on WhatsApp when sharing their exploits with fellow Members.

We hope you enjoy the banter. And if you are not a member, perhaps now you will see what you are missing! Join us today. Just because it is FREE to join doesn’t mean it is worthless. Think about it. Join hundreds of VIP Scotties with us already!



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