As the summer-like weather turned to strong cold winds, London Scottie Club members linked up via Zoom on Sunday for another natter, which covered a lot of ground.

We heard the great news that last week’s “Aroo for the NHS” YouTube Zoom video had been added to the intranet of NHS Scotland by Fraser’s friend. Thank you!

Members discussed “hunting highs” of their Scotties, after we heard from Glynn and Douglas that their Hector today caught a rat in the garden. That led to other tales (mercifully not tails) of Scottie conquests, as well as Douglas telling us that their family used to have Irish Wolfhounds and their heads were preserved on the wall with labels – all 30 of them!

The conversation was also a chance to marvel Matt’s new art deco Scottie statue and to discuss that Scotties are in the news this week following a surge in registrations in the first quarter of 2020.

While members expressed their concerns of over-breeding and the worry that the lockdown public are choosing to have a Scottie because it is a nice pet for a crisis – what happens after the crisis?

Matt made a sharp observation that if registrations of Scotties in Q1 had doubled was it not the case that interest rose already in 2019? Scottie pups would not come along this fast. And was it not that following news last summer that the Kennel Club of Great Britain listed Scotties as endangered that suddenly there was new-found interest? All very plausible.

But registrations relates only to breeders affiliated with the Kennel Club. A real concern is that the black market in unhealthy and unethical puppy farms could try to meet demand and that would not be good for Scotties health as a breed.

It was also agreed that we should proceed with a club calendar for 2021 and more details about that will follow on this website.

It was also agreed that after May 17 we should continue with Zoom meets for the time being.

We welcomed a new member to Zoom – just 5 hours after Kate Smith joined us – and agreed that the next meeting will be a quiz, compiled by Matt.

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