Scotties all year around. Once Lockdown is over you might have to return to work and that might mean Scotties left at home. Sob.

But all is not lost. Club members are keen to produce a 14-month wall calendar featuring their dogs for 2021. This would cover November 2020-December 2021.

We need your best quality photos of your dogs for this – and don’t think of one masterpiece photo but several. Maybe covering the seasons, leaves for autumn, snow for winter, as well as Christmas, Easter, or Hallowe’en.

Make sure the photos are your copyright. Locate the best quality images – and do not compress. Don’t whatsapp them. Just email them to to ensure the quality is not compressed. Label your email Calendar so that we know what it is for.

If large files are difficult to send – they usually are – we recommend using a file sharing free software like

It’s really easy to use and totally free up to 2GB!

We are setting an early deadline of 1 September 2020 for your photos! So start looking in lockdown!

They could be as pups or recent photos.

There is no fee or other reward for your submissions other than the possibility that your photo will appear in the calendar. We cannot use all of them, sorry. But what isn’t used we might be able to use in a future Calendar.

The calendar will also highlight important dates – such as the birthdate of your Scottie! And if you gave us their full date of birth, their age at next birthday too!

It should be a lot of fun finding the best photos. Send in your best and limit it at 10 photos please. They can be colour or black and white, or even sepia effect. They can also be of your childhood Scottie, if the photo quality is reasonable. If a friend took the photo ensure you have their written permission to use the photo for this purpose as no monetary award will be offered by London Scottie Club.

The cost of the calendars will depend on demand. If you order one in November for yourself and as Christmas gifts for family, we can drive the cost of the calendar down. So pre-orders will need to be made via PayPal.

You will be able to view the final calendar look online before ordering, to avoid disappointment.

We hope your Scottie is included in the project. Remember, get your photos to us no later than 1 September 2020. Thank you!

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