February 2018 to 2019 was the Chinese Year of the Dog. We asked members of London Scottie Club to write about the highlights of their Scottie’s year and we share these with you in a weekly series of blogs.

I’m Ardbeg and this is my Year of the Scottie, erm, I mean Dog, diary.  I started the Scottie year on a beach in New Zealand. Mum embarrassed me (again!) as she made me wear a life jacket.  I was brave, went in up to my ankles! We had lots of fun over the Kiwi summer and I got up to mischief such as, jumping out of a shopping trolley and almost giving mum a heart attack (thankfully dad caught me!) and sleeping with my bottom against the fridge to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Good things happen in the fridge! My Irish grandpawrents came to visit for a few weeks and they spoilt me.

My grandpaw in particular is a real Scottie dude. I was a frequent visitor at the University of Auckland, and apart from that one time I widdled in the lecture theatre in front of mum’s students, it was great! I was a doggie day care regular and my bestie was a Border Terrier called Winnie. I turned one on the 27th June. Mum, dad and my NZ grandpawrents had super yummy cheese to celebrate. I know this because they said to each other “this cheese is super yummy”. It was mouldy and I didn’t get any. They also seemed to enjoy something yellow and fizzy in funny slim glasses. They had a toast to me, although I didn’t get any toast either. And I like toast. Birthdays are confusing!

At the beginning of August, we went on a massive adventure! I flew from Auckland to Dublin via Dubai. My hoomans were very worried but I’m a very chilled doggie. When they picked me up in Dublin, I heard mum’s voice, gave her an aroooo, had a stretch – each leg in turn – a shake and I was good to go! I travel Scottie-style, 12,000 miles with 0% stress! We drove to Belfast and I met my new bestie, Rosie. Rosie is my Irish grandpawrent’s dog and she wasn’t too sure of me at first, but loves me now. My grandpawrents have a huge enclosed garden with great smells and really good yums.

Mum and dad abandoned me for a million years (two weeks) to find a flat in London. I requested extensive treat storage space, somewhere to roll around and say rawwwrr after dinner as well as multiple beard wiping spots. Location and overall condition of the flat were unimportant, although we did end up in a nice flat in Wimbledon.

My grandpaw brought me to London on a boat. I hadn’t been on one before and hoping to keep my paws dry. I’m not much of a water doggie. More of a dry land with nice grass a certain length doggie. When I arrived, I left lots of peemails for you all on Wimbledon Common (I hope you got them) and I’ve had a few hot dates with very lovely fur friends (Wanda, Belle and Castro). I’m also a bone fide tube doggie and I’ve been promoted to Head of Security and Personal Protection, London Branch. I’ve been supplementing my keep by driving a London bus (to the beardressers) and I’ve discovered SQUIZZERS and FOX POO! OMG, best. Things. Ever.

We had Christmas in Belfast and I ended up in a pudding coat. I could’ve been Santa, a reindeer, even an elf… nope. After all my dieting and everything. Rosie and I were told if we didn’t dress up and pose Santa wouldn’t come. Didn’t want to risk it. I asked for a new squeaky toy and some kangaroo chews so I’d a lot riding on the big guy. Thankfully he delivered.

I’m now back in Belfast as I’m an intrepid, adventurous, travelling doggie and mum has to return to NZ for work. I was supposed to go with her but can’t due to an issue with a blood test. I mean, how could they say no to my lovely face?? Dad is staying in London, so he’ll come visit. I’m off to see Dr Pokey later today to get my EU passport as we’re off to Spain for 8 weeks. Yay!

Well, that’s all from me. It’s been a big Year of the Scottie and I could be doing with a nap. Over and out, Ardbeg the Fearless xxxx

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