15 stunning Scotties and their owners met for our autumn walkabout on Eton Bridge, Windsor, on a cold but clear Sunday afternoon.

All comers were excited to meet two Newbies. Ted, who advanced for his age at 5 months, was very keen to make himself available to more than one of the Scotties lasses. Luckily his advances were universally rebuffed! And we had the great pleasure of meeting the delicious Pennie, Catherine’s new 3 year old rescue scottie.

Once in the Brocas, and allowed the freedom to run around, Lady Aggie showed off true racing colours and led the field in ever increasing zoomies.

A persistent posse of scotties roamed the group, circling any human who looked like a Treat Giver. Of course there were many, many treats handed out to the waggy tails and ravening,( not always gentle ) jaws.

Ben showed off his begging skills at every opportunity. Newbies Fluffy Ted and the divine Miss Pennie quickly learned pack rules and joined the hopeful posse early on.

After a ramble along an increasingly muddy river path, ( no dogs went in, but Lady A. and followers had a good try) the social aspect of the walk took over as the group sought out a watering hole for more than just the dogs, and took over a pub garden for coffees, wine and ginger cake. We talked, laughed, ate and drank, finally saying goodbyes to each other, and to our very special VIP’s, and left looking forward to the Christmas walkabout .


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