Let’s not beat or wee about the bush! Most married couples love each other 365 days of the year, not just on 14 February, Valentine’s Day.

But if we scratch and sniff, it is invariably the case that married couples really love someone else first – their dog. How many husbands got home late to hear their partner say “Your dinner’s in the dog”? It is no less true for those of us who own Scottish Terriers. They really are our dedicated loves.

These prim little aristocrats, as Americans are known to refer to them, capture our hearts whether it’s Christmas branding to outdoor days to romantic days. Scotties make their appearances known.

We are also sure that some of our members have had their romantic nights turned topsy-turvy by a Scottie but are too shy to admit it!

We were warmed by Theresa sending us her 3 Rules for Scotties on Valentine’s Day.

Scotties are instantly lovable, and forever in our hearts. As celebrated author and Scottie owner Rudyard Kipling extolled in his popular poem Thy Servant a Dog “Buy a pup and your money will buy Love unflinching that cannot lie…” You can read more about that poem here.

We reached out to our Members and their VIPs this weekend via WhatsApp to ask for any stories or photos of them with their Scotties on Valentine’s Day. Here is the pick of the crop we received to share with you today.


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