We know how difficult 2022 has proved to be for both businesses and consumers. After the pandemic, many people have to struggle with the rising cost of living. At London Scottie Club we have been keeping our ear close to the ground. And while we did not pick up on any squirrels, we did consider ways to help our Members and Honorary Members save cash.

We want Members to have access to a wide range of quality products at value prices. While we cannot do that alone, we want to work with businesses who share our values to achieve that goal.

London Scottie Club is delighted to announce the start of its Business Connections Scheme. This is open to businesses selling products that are appropriate for Scottish Terriers (dog collars or dog coats), or items that display Scottie images (tea cloths, tea cups).

Businesses who satisfy these conditions are entitled to seek a free classified advert, and we mention them on the LSC Smart Mart WhatsApp group.

In return, vendors agree to offer a 10% discount to LSC Members and Honorary Members who make purchases during the next 12 months from date of admission. We encourage businesses to provide us with a coupon code to help Members apply the 10% discount at the checkout online.

The beauty of this scheme is that we are not asking businesses to pay up front. They offer a discount based on actual sales. And London Scottie Club receives no compensation for this either.

We are delighted to confirm that the first enterprise to work with us in Smart Mart is also a Member of London Scottie Club, Theresa from The Hector Company.

The new Business Connections Scheme means that LSC Members and Honorary Members receive a flat 10% discount on listed prices. This does not include sale items although we leave that to the discretion of vendors. London Scottie Club is not a party to any transactions and cannot adjudicate.

The classified advert and any coupon is accessible from the OFFERS page, but is password protected. Only Members and Honorary Members can access this classified section with a password to see which businesses are part of the Scheme and to collect the coupon code. The password will be available in LSC newsletters to ensure that Honorary Members (who cannot join our WhatsApp groups) can also access these deals. All Members and Honorary Members receive our newsletters unless they decide to unsubscribe.

We ask that Members and Honorary Members do not share the password with non-members. But Members and Honorary Members are entitled to make purchases on behalf of their family and friends. The password may from time to time be updated so always check the latest newsletter for the password.

We also offer businesses the option to work with London Scottie Club on products that carry our logo and will get prominent banner advertising on our website. For that we ask businesses to write to us using the Contact Us page here.

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