Two weeks ago London was threatened by weekend snow flurries. They lasted all of a Sunday and were gone by Tuesday morning.

This weekend things started to brew. With temperatures around zero, and Monday night the Scottish Highlands recording its lowest read since 2010 at a withering minus 16.7 Celsius at Altnaharra, the Scottish Terriers were in their element.

Whether “southerners” or simply young pups, many of them had never experienced snow, but seemed to adapt to it like a duckling to water.

The London Scottie Club’s WhatsApp Convo – the biggest Scottie conversation in London – was soon lighting up with photos and video clips. At first there arrived a flurry and then it became an avalanche. Luckily, neither dogs nor owners risked life and limb to take photos and everyone seemed to be having a ball, albeit a very slippery ball.

We will include some of the best of the photos on our slideshow on the Homepage of the website from Wednesday as the big chill, being nicknamed “Beast From The East: The Sequel” continues to grip for a few more stubborn days. In 2018 Britain was gripped by a similar episode but no one expects our dear Scotties to get a nomination for an Oscar.

Anyway, Oscar is a more appropriate name for a hound that a Scottie!

Only a few photos can make it onto the slideshow. But for posterity, once the ice thaws, here are some more photos in the gallery below.

Altogether now: “There’s no business like Snow business…” Sorry Irving Berlin!


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