Many of you will remember book writer Sonya lost her real companion in life, Captain, a 7-year old black Scottie, last October.

Sonya, an erstwhile member of the London Scottie Club, continued to come to our events, despite her loss and grieving.

She also vowed to have another Scottie. Careful to avoid a black Scottie that would remind her of Captain, she opted instead for a wheaten Scottie.

On Saturday it was my pleasure to drive her up to Wales to meet the pups from which she would choose.

Although the six-pup litter would become five on account of mummy accidently stepping on one of the little ones, the rest of them all look healthy and well. But being rarer, prospective buyers swarmed to pick theirs earlier in the week. Nevertheless, there were two to choose from and we all think Sonya picked out the wheaten which is the best of them all!

As the pup has only three weeks old, rules require the dogs to be kept at the kennel, monitored and provided the initial medications until they are eight weeks old. If anyone tries to palm off a pup to you before 8 weeks, it is wise to report them to the Kennel Club of Great Britain.

Jane, who owns the kennel in north Wales, is herself a strong advocate against puppy farms, a gold accredited breeder of the Kennel Club of Great Britain, and often talks about the scourge of puppy farms on BBC Cymru. There are plans to outlaw puppy farming, which can only be a good thing for the dogs and owners alike.

Now we have five weeks to come up with a pet name and already a raging debate has begun on our whatsapp group about the name to choose the little lady! We will update more in a few weeks.

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