How to combat Covid-19? Well, London Scottie Club found a way on Saturday. During the Spring Equinox, when everyone was instead pre-occupied with all the depressing news about Coronavirus, and when our meetings have been suspended for the time being, we found a way to get together without putting anyone at risk.

LSC member Zelda had the inspired idea to introduce us to Zoom, a free app that allows a large crowd to connect real-time and chat away while seeing one another on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

The software if available for Apple, Android and Windows devices.

George took a couple of hours to set it all up, and then it was scheduled to take place at 1800 hours. The 40-minute gathering saw around 10 members join the pilot. And depending on how it went we would decide whether to repeat it.

London Scottish Terriers were united thanks to software that linked us all, and we managed to record the event to see how it worked out. A lot of hellos and giggles ensued and most people got online at the scheduled time. A few others joined in soon after.

Cath Marchbank, the organiser of charity STECS with whom LSC works closely, was able to join us from leafy Lancashire and and check that her London pals were ok.

Among things discussed was how we can structure the events, and Sharon had some ideas which we hope to introduce for the next event!

Yes there will be a next event. Everyone found it a lot of fun and a good forum for a discussion.
The encore was provided by the Scotties. Listen to this snippet where they broke into opera! Check out the video!

The next Zoom will take place on Sunday at 2030 hours until 2110 hours. Please do join us and if you would like your friends and other Scottie fans to connect, please share the URL which London Scottie Club will post on the WhatsApp Convo group.

Tip. As soon as you see the URL please share with those whom you would like to join in and ask them to click it and download the Zoom app and register asap. That way they will be all ready for 8pm Sunday.

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