Ever seen a canine Christmas? Well what more Christmassy a dog can you find than a Scottie right? They’re on biscuit tins and even on a wee dram of Whisky too.

So being strict traditionalists, the London Scottie Club hosted a meeting rolled into a Christmas Party on December 9.

We had munchies for the owners, which included mince pies delivered in person by Mr William Curley of the famous bakers – he’s a Scot too – and a hamper as a first prize for the best-dressed Christmas Scottie.

Most of the guests and all of the dogs! Photo: Lupt Utama

The three-hour bash in Richmond, south-west London, was a fun event, judging by the hundreds of photos taken. Loads of photos were sent via our Whatsapp group, while Lupt Utama, a Thai-born costume designer for Hollywood smash movies like Beauty & The Beast and Alladin, took more than 400 photos as well as judged the winner of the dress competition.

Safe Bubbly for Scotties

As guests began arriving, with club stalwart Sonya first to visit, we received some lovely gifts from members. These included Christmas crackers filled with Pooch treats, balls, toys, bandanas, and my favourite of all dog-friendly Prosecco called “Pawsecco” wine which describes itself as a “healthy herbal infusion of elderflower, nettle, ginseng, limeflower and carrot.”

So it was nice to be able to present guests with bamboo Scottie Christmas Tree decorations (like the one in the theme photo for this report) with their dog names carved into the wood. Lasting souvenirs we hope! And so no one left empty-handed.

Most Scotties arrived in Christmas attire, among them a lot of bow-ties. We wonder whether owners who arrived a bit later did so after seeing our pre-party photos on Twitter with Pikush and Pudding sporting welcoming crushed velvet bow-ties?

Anyway, it was super to see Pip & Bertie, Hector and (westie) Molly, Hamish, (working cocker and our neighbour Glossie), Ben, and Jimmy.

And the winner is…Jimmy. Well done! Photo: Sharon Hendry

It was not an easy decision to choose a winner, but Hector (and his owner Lisa!) were in the running for the Christmas gear, as well as a sneaky attempt by Molly the Westie sister of Hector. But in the end Lupt declared the winner to be Jimmy, for sporting a wonderful Royal Stewart tartan kilt, with bespoke knitted bagpipes and a jingle bell scarf. Tasteful I’m sure you will agree. A runner-up prize for best personality went to Molly. But no one objected to it being a Scottie’s cousin breed!

That said, all the dogs were in fact very well behaved and Scotties won over anyone who thought they are always up to mischief!

To those of you who attended, a big thank you to you and your dogs for making it special.

The event was low on announcements but high on the party spirit. In 2018 we hope to come up with fresh initiatives for making the meetings, walks and visits fun and also educational as we begin to invite experts to talks with the members too.

Pikush singing “I’m Dreaming of…” Photo: Lupt Utama

But at least we didn’t all burst into song with “I’m Dreaming of a White Bone, Just like the Ones We used to Buy”.

Whether or not you were able to attend our gathering we would like to wish every one of you and your lovely Scotties a magical Christmas and a brighter 2018.







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