As part of our overhaul of the London Scottie Club’s website, we also require all members to re-apply for their membership.

It is important to complete this process accurately by 1 July 2021 at the very latest. And it remains FREE of charge.

Anyone who fails to do so will be deleted from our database and therefore from the Club. That means:

  • no more access to Walkabouts
  • no more access to WhatsApp groups
  • no more access to email newsletters
  • no more privileged offers from the Club.

Please read carefully the conditions on the form here before completing.

It is important you provide your full postal address, and complete all the other mandatory fields in the form. We kept the form short, and some of your data will not be displayed on the website.

It is important to apply for each Scottish Terrier dog you want to join the club or re-join the club. And the photo of your Scottie must contain only the one dog and no humans. Think of it like a passport photo.

Later in 2021, members and honorary members who have a Scottish Terrier will receive special member ID cards to carry with them to our Walkabouts. This will also become a condition for Walkabouts when issued to you.

As the club grows bigger – thanks to you – so the need for better organisation arises.

For the same reason we have introduced new rules around Walkabouts. Read on. This is important:


New Regulations for Walkabouts, effective 5 June 2021

We request that all owners attending our Walkabout meetings ensure they maintain full control over their dogs at all times. In the event of an incident, the owner of the dog may be held liable by the other party for any distress or damage alleged to have been caused. The Club will only co-operate with affected owners in the event of an insurance claim or other official investigation. The Club’s co-operation will be limited to providing contact details of the parties affected to progress any investigation. London Scottie Club will not take sides nor provide any evidence to either party involved. If your dog is involved in a serious altercation which is brought to the attention of London Scottie Club or its meeting marshals at the Walkabout, London Scottie Club may invoke the requirement that on future Walkabouts arranged by London Scottie the dog owner places a secured muzzle over their dog for the entire duration of a Walkabout. This is to protect all parties and avoid risk of new incidents. A muzzle will normally be required if the same dog is reported to have been involved in two or more separate incidents with at least two other dogs affected at one or more Walkabouts. Depending on the severity of any incident, however, it may be invoked after one incident. Please take these conditions very seriously. Any failure to observe them risks the member being disqualified from membership of London Scottie Club. The Club works because dog owners are responsible, considerate and community-spirited. Thanks for your attention. Last updated 5 June 2021
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