Scotties are stars, as every owner knows all too well. But they often also brush with famous people. Some have been owned by monarchs (Queen Victoria) or US Presidents (FDR, Ike and George W Bush), or rock stars (David Bowie).

As many of you won’t know, I used to run the Elton John Fan Club and in that decade I met a lot of showbiz folk, all of whom I loved very much. They enriched my knowledge of Elton and also many have become life-long friends.

Take Charlie Morgan. The drummer of Tina Turner’s “We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)”, Nik Kershaw’s drummer, and the writer of the theme song to ITV’s series “The Bill”, Charlie was even born at the same hospital as me.

Charlie was the drummer for Elton John at Live Aid 1985 and was in the band for the next decade. So he’s on studio albums like “Ice On Fire” featuring “Nikita”.

A couple of Decembers ago Charlie popped over from Nashville where he now lives, to meet at my home and we recorded a short interview. As you will see Pikush and Pudding managed to get in on the act too!

You can watch dog lover Charlie’s interview here.

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