What an amazing day out!

When Sonya asked the Club to help her celebrate pup Phoenix’s first birthday we knew we had to do it. When she told us she wanted to do it in February, we admit, we were a little apprehensive.

But when 23 February came, the nearest date that could be arranged for the club meeting/party, we should not have feared.

Instead of driving rain and freezing conditions on the Chilterns, we had unseasonally good, warm weather and a grand day out in Langley Park, Bucks. The same venue where we enjoyed last November’s meetup, and at least as warm and sunny this time around!

Phoenix is a special addition to the club because she is the first pup born to an existing member of the London Scottie Club. Sonya had a lovely black Scottie called Captain who was one of the first members of LSC when the club launched, but sadly was lost prematurely in 2017.

Sonya resolved to have a wheaten Scottie, and that was Phoenix, born in February 2018.

So it was great to see some long-time as well as some more recent club members come together to celebrate the joyous occasion with a birthday cake for the pooches, and another floating in alcohol, for the parents. I don’t think it took anyone over the limit on the car journey home – and I doubt anyone is going to want to write in to beg to differ!

After the walk, Pikush was not quite ready for the journey home. A mile from the meetup we came across this delightful canal, the Slough Arm of the Grand Union Canal no less, that winds from London to Manchester. It is very near to Langley rail station. On a drier day for the towpath it would make a nice walk sometime!

We are grateful to Sharon Hendry who kindly took a lot of the photos you see in the gallery below. We hope to include others’ photos – but they need to be emailed to us so as not to compress the resolution for publication.

Photos below: George Matlock

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