03 April 2022 from 13:30 until 15:30

As published on our website, the next Walkabout event will take place on 3 April from 130pm to 330pm.

Earlier this week, a glitch meant that the latest event was not included in our newsletter. Hence, we have decided to exceptionally publish a second email newsletter to update on the impending event.

As per our normal security arrangements, we do not publish details of the location on the website nor on social media. And we ask all members to consult WhatsApp nearer the time (LSC Alerts or LSC Convo) for precise meeting and walk plan details. We also ask Members and Honorary Members receiving this newsletter to respect the privacy of the Club and its Members and therefore not share this email with others nor via social media.

The next Walkabout’s venue will be: Bushy Park, near Teddington/Hampton Court in south west London.

South West London – All details via WhatsApp

Regulations: We request that all owners attending our Walkabout meetings ensure they maintain full control over their dogs at all times.

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