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    • Boy
    • Dog date of birth: 12th April 2012
    • Owner: Cindie
    • Country: US
    • Have you had your dog since they were puppies?: No
    • Was your dog a rescue dog?: No
    • How long have you been parent to Scotties?: 32 yrs
    • Do you have any Scottie Dog memorabilia? If yes, what kind?:

      Vintage Scottie doorstops

    • Highlights of my dog’s life:

      Reggie is a laid back brindle dog who rarely barks. He loves all people and other dogs he meets on his walks, he will whine if he can’t get to them. His quirk is that he doesn’t like being up on the furniture (except during thunderstorms he will ask to be on the bed). He’s a retired show dog adopted when he was three.
      I’ve had Scottie since 1988. I was looking through a dog book to decide what to get when I saw a picture of three Scotties that stole my heart. I saw an ad for puppies at a nearby home. They parents were housedogs and I picked a little male. I named him Keefer. He was the most independent of my later Scots. We went to obedience class where the teacher said he was the best in the class. At home he destroyed a mattress and spread the contents about the house, I could only laugh.
      I joined the regional Scottie club where I met a show breeder who eventually offered to sell me a pup since I showed interest in showing. I called her Caitlin and set about learning to show, taking her to classes and learning to groom. We went to shows here and in nearby states where she earned points until divorce caused a change in my finances and I had to stop showing.
      When Caitlin passed, I said no more dogs, but soon I starting looking for a rescue. I met a lady here who fostered Scotties for a Scottie rescue. I soon met Pearl, who I renamed Carrie. She was about 3 years old, a puppy mill rescue. Carrie was not used to living in a home and the first week didn’t want to leave the couch, I even fed here there. She soon came around to trust me. Sadly she was diagnosed with cancer and after 6 months passed away.
      My friend who I got Carrie from recommended a show breeder friend to me and drove me to her farm to see her dogs. She let me purchase a 3 year old former show dog named Bradley. He was a beautiful little dog and lived to 12.
      After a few months I contacted her to see if she had another adult she would sell. She thought about it and eventually offered me Reggie who was a 3 year old former show dog like Bradley. He is 10 now and has been a dream dog.

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Olive likes zooming around. She’s very food orientated and enjoys, treats, puddles and digging. Unfortunately the digging has cost my husband his once beautiful lockdown maintained lawn…

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