Meet The Very Important Pooches


    Mr Mungo

    • Boy
    • Dog date of birth: 4th June 2021
    • Owner: Deirdre
    • Country: United Kingdom
    • Have you had your dog since they were puppies?: Yes
    • Was your dog a rescue dog?: No
    • How long have you been parent to Scotties?: 10 years
    • Do you have any Scottie Dog memorabilia? If yes, what kind?:

      Fridge magnets

    • Highlights of my dog’s life:

      Mr Mungo and the UFO (written by the man himself): As the only man in the house it is my job to patrol the estate and keep all the ladies safe. I was doing my usual checks, peering with one eye through the gap between the gate and gate post, and when I turned round there was a very large, round, green object floating about in the garden. Clearly from outer space and extremely dangerous. Keeping a safe distance I gave that object what for, as it floated about the garden. Told the wife, Nessie, to keep back, as she was foolish enough to try to have a closer look. Eventually we had to evacuate and beat a hasty retreat inside. The next morning we found it collapsed in the garden, so I’d clearly scared it to death. Mum said it met the rose bush, but what would she know about defeating UFOs! Nessie was amazed at my braveness. Wish I could show you all my video of the conflict!

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Hector comes to work with us, his mum and dad. We work in a Centre which is especially adapted for young people who have special needs. Hector greets visitors to the Centre and loves all the children and young people to stroke him and pay him attention. He has helped children who have a fear of dogs to get used to them, and even like them!

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