Update: A previous password restriction has been lifted for the Brighton/Batemans pre-event coverage as well as this article

The innovation of Member Tags is now entering its final stages, after major improvements at the weekend.

We want to make Member Tags more convenient for members, less bulky, less likely to be lost or stolen, and easier to replace – without cost or penalty. Does someone with three Scotties really want to carry three badges around? You get the idea.

Following further testing, we have decided to introduce Member Tags in a digital form only. That means you will not be issued with a physical member tag to bring to our events. Instead you will receive a PDF file by email after 1 September. So keep an eye on your inbox. This will contain your Member Tag and will bear a QR code. You will need to store this PDF on your smartphone. We will provide handy tips on how to do this. For new members, they will receive their digital Member Tag upon admission to the club.

If you have more than one dog, you will have them all on the one Member Tag as one QR code.

Simply present your QR code to be scanned by a Meeting Marshal at our events. The Meeting Marshal will use a phone equipped with a scanner that can identify your valid membership. The scanner will only scan the QR code you present. It will not have access to your phone. The process is the same as e-tickets on airline flights. If you lose your phone, we will issue you with a new Member Tag – and if anyone intercepts the old Tag, it will no longer work.

The good news is less bulk for you, and if the Member Tag is lost it can be reproduced without a £15 admin fee !

You also have until 24 August to advise us if you want to change the photo of your dog as it appears in our profile pages. The new Member Tags will begin to be issued from 1 September. That means that they will first be used at our next Walkabout – which is now confirmed for 11 September on the south coast.

A reminder of the checklist for the Perfect Pooch Portrait:

  • No humans in the photo. Avoid too many objects in the background. Privacy protection begins at home!
  • Avoid objects in foreground (such as bushes) obscuring part of the dog’s body.
  • Ensure a bright lit area for your photo. Can be indoors or even better outdoors.
  • Try to seat your Scottie so that the face is in view.
  • Do not stress your dog by trying to be too demanding on them. Take a few photos and hope for the best!


Thank you for your cooperation. London Scottie Club is working hard to make your experience as safe and fun as possible.

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