The quarterly London Scottie Club Walkabout took place on Saturday 24 June under the auspices of just enough cloud cover to avoid flaming June weather.

Lost in Osterley seems to sum up the walk. Not because any of the 14 Scotties and their owners got lost in this huge park on the western edge of London, but because we were all “lost” in our minds in the tranquility of the surroundings and the relatively rare skirmishes between any Scotties. Some huge hounds came close up to our pack at the lake and then wished that they had not!

Some members came from as far as Reading and Guildford/Dorking to be with us, and one lady was from Los Angeles and this was her first Walkabout in a year of arriving in London.

The Walkabout has become a centrepiece of why the Club exists – for real rather than virtual exchanges to take place, as nature and Scotties intended it.

Members get the chance to catch up on other Members’ latest news, and no doubt the VIPs also have their own conferences. We wonder whether some of those conversations rotate around lines like “I have found a short cut how to get into that butcher’s shop at number 11 when the proprietor is not looking” or maybe “if you are quiet when you demolish your owner’s flowerbeds they won’t twig it was you. Try a sneaky approach for maximum success.”

Within minutes of the event closing we started to get photos from attendees. Rather than all from one source, we had a blizzard of great photos from many of you, sent super fast like a news agency via WhatsApp Convo. A few videos were also sent and those that we could download we share too.

You should find that no Member nor their VIPs have been missed in this selection and you can view and expand the pictures below.

Be sure to join us in late September for the next Walkabout!


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