Phoenix (left) meets half-brother Pudding

What started out as a planned River talk walk this weekend, ended up with River Phoenix. The event this weekend also demonstrated the vital benefits of WhatsApp messenger, which all full members of the London Scottie Club are encouraged to join.

Back to River Phoenix. Nope, not the much-missed actor. Rather, our latest entrant to the club, the adorable wheaten Scottish Terrier Phoenix, owned by Sonya. You may remember Sonya lost lovely 7-year-old Captain, a black Scottie, last October.

After some months of agonising over what’s next in her life, Sonya decided to get another puppy, although she also weighed up a possible rescue Scottie.

Little Phoenix, born on Valentine’s Day, was the perfect companion Sonya was looking for and now is quite a little madam, the pooch, not Sonya.

And as this video shows, Phoenix has wasted no time in getting acquainted with her half-brother Pudding, the wheaten, as well as black Pikush.


The original plan was to take an expedition from Kew Bridge to Richmond Bridge and test out the resolve of dog walkers for some brisk exercise as well as pooches. But at the last moment, the event was moved to being a fun get together over coffee and cakes (I know, I know) at George’s house because of seating problems = World Cup at the local pub.

Plus the weather was “not all there”.

It was thanks to WhatsApp that we were able to be flexible. Firstly, the event had initially been pencilled – no stronger than that – for early June. But we had to move it to 16 June. When some of the members reported being away for Father’s Day etc, we knew it was going to prove uphill. Jann was also on safari in Sri Lanka (lucky her!) and the weather forecast in the past week threatened rain for the June 16 event.

Who needs an Andrex Lab anyway?

To top that, we heard that Lisa, owner of Scottie Hector and Westie Molly whom many of you met at our Christmas Party last December, had a fall and a suspected dislocated shoulder! At the club, we care about the well-being of our members as well as their dogs, so we are all sending Lisa a GET WELL SOON! wish right here.

The weather by Friday, in the event, threatened rain both Saturday and Sunday, but we moved it to June 17 as we knew Saturday was supposed to be the worst of the weather.

WhatsApp made it possible to inform registered Full Members of the change of plan. Sonya had some parking problems, so it was invaluable in that way too.

But what we can’t disguise is the poor attendance this time. As the first meeting since March, we had hoped that better weather (remember St Patrick’s Day this year?) would bring out more of you. There had been plans to host the river walk in May, but that proved to be a total washout because of the rain. So this had been a rather jinxed gig this time. Or at least it appears that the idea of a brisk walk was a bit much for some LOL.

With a smaller grouping on Sunday, we discussed some possible changes to the club calendar and also to the membership rules to improve attendance. Most of all, to ensure that the club serves a useful purpose to its members.

All together now

We will announce those changes and enhancements in the next few months.

Anyway, we hope that you will like to join us for a walk near Kenwood House in Hampstead in July and another in Blackheath in September. Both venues have interesting histories so well worth a browse.

The dates will be decided by a vote using WhatsApp. The latest benefit of WhatsApp is that you will be given a choice of three dates in July and three in September to attend these walks and sample some nice pubs there too.

We look forward to you helping us choose the best time for the perfect meeting!


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