Have you one of these? Many of you have enjoyed tuning into London Scottie Club’s podcasts via smartphone apps or even via your TV set.

But did you know you can also tune in via smart devices like Amazon Alexa? The audio monitoring devices that first launched six years ago are also armed with our podcasts.

If you have an Amazon Alexa device like the ones featured here, or Amazon Echo Dot, you too can listen to us there.

Just say the instruction “Alexa Play Podcast London Scottie Radio”

Or, say: “Echo Play Podcast London Scottie Radio”

The device will then announce us and play us from Amazon Music. It is a good idea to download the Amazon Alexa app onto your smartphone to manage your account, and to then link or “skill” as it is called Amazon Music with Alexa app.

From Amazon Alexa app It may also work with other accounts like Spotify or Apple Podcasts, so let us know how you get on!

The entire London Scottie Radio catalogue is available on Amazon Alexa.

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