London Scottie Club has flourished into a community of Scottie owners in the capital, and for the most part our exchanges are about happy events and sometimes the sharing of advice too. But very occasionally, the club has to face up to the hardest challenge of all, when a Scottie passes away.

Over the five years the club has existed we have lost around five dogs. We say around, because we have not recorded these details, and owners were, understandably, distraught and not always contactable. On one occasion, I have also helped a member honour her lost Scottie by helping with the ceremonies in their garden. Not the easiest of tasks but one that I would fulfil for any of our members if and when the time comes.

LSC is nothing if not a caring community for its members. We protect privacy, highlight achievements of individual Scotties, and try to help one another in good times and bad. It is what makes us strong and relevant.

As part of better knowledge of our members, we have now introduced a new field into Member profiles which will only be populated when a Scottie member crosses the rainbow bridge.

When we register a member, it is not only the owner, but in fact the dog whose details we record. So when Scotties pass away it is only right that we should never forget them. Our members might not otherwise know that a pal has gone unless we record this sad event.

If you look today, you will see two profiles already record Date of Decease in Member profiles. Kuro passed away a year ago this month. Almost to the day of this article. And next week, it will be two years since we lost Angus.

Last year, we paid tribute to some of the lost Scotties in an article which I know moved many of our members.

But we want to do more. So that means that when members lose a Scottie we will ask them to message me on WhatsApp or better, email me and provide the date of decease so that we can properly add this. Scotties should never have to leave the club. We want to remember them.

For this to work, we ask that all owners fulfil this request and so ensure that our records are kept accurate. Thank you.


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