Hello fellow readers and listeners. This is Amy from the London Scottie Club newsroom. I have a wee small announcement I would like to make.

For the first time we have combined to bring you audio and our text articles together! From now on, you will be able to listen to our articles as podcasts as well as read them on the website. The idea was first introduced in 2016 and we called it “Blog On The Go”. Well, now it is really here. We will not select everything that we post on the website. But we will select articles that we feel will be suited to podcasts. Be sure to subscribe to our podcasts from your favourite podcast player app. And be sure to visit our website to see cute Scotties and their amazing stories. Here’s our first story, A Scottie Snow Ball.

London Scottie Radio
London Scottie Radio
EP 34: Blog on the Go | A Scottie Snow Ball
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