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    • Girl
    • Dog date of birth: 21 July 2012
    • Owner: S
    • Country:
    • Have you had your dog since they were puppies?: Yes
    • Was your dog a rescue dog?: No
    • How long have you been parent to Scotties?: 8.5 years
    • Do you have any Scottie Dog memorabilia? If yes, what kind?:

      Prints, sketches, doorstops, jewellery, cushions, door knocker, figurines, mugs, tree ornaments, chopping board, tote bags, jumper…sure I’ve missed something!

    • Highlights of my dog’s life:

      Wanda once disrupted an entire game of football in our local park. It was pouring with rain and the park was empty so I let her off the lead. Unfortunately 23 dedicated men were participating in a football match on the pitch there. She ignored them heroically until they kicked the ball right across our path, and that was it – next chance she got she was on the pitch, chasing the ball and evading capture from 23 men and me. It was absolutely mortifying. Eventually one of the guys caught her and returned her to me. They were surprisingly nice about it…

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All the pups in her litter had the same little white chest marking, despite neither the mother (Bonnie) or stud having markings

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