Meet The Very Important Pooches



    • Boy
    • Dog date of birth: 31 May 2017
    • Owner: zelda
    • Country:
    • Have you had your dog since they were puppies?: Yes
    • Was your dog a rescue dog?: No
    • How long have you been parent to Scotties?: Only 4 years
    • Do you have any Scottie Dog memorabilia? If yes, what kind?:

      Black and White Whisky promotional statues / black and wheaten embroidered scotties in an oval frame / vintage rusty iron scottie / a growing library of classic scottie manuals / Scottie Salt and Pepper set (Liberty’s) sundry christmas tree ornaments (F&M) / Black and Wheaten Scottie and kennel (Britain’s) and some vintage scottie brooches. That’s all, honest guv.

    • Highlights of my dog’s life:

      Beyond our street, a serious, quiet Scottish gentleman, with impeccable manners.
      In the road within a 200 yard perimeter of our house, a raging, snarling Mexican Street fighter.
      A curiously split personality, but happy in both skins.

What our members say about their Scottie



When you rub her rear left leg she sticks her tongue out.
Mungo’s favourite food is cheesy Wotsits and is grumpy if you’re eating the steak flavoured ones

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