Whatsapp T&C

While a Member of London Scottie Club (LSC) it is encouraged but not mandatory to remain a member of the WhatsApp LSC Alerts or WhatsApp LSC Convo  or LSC Smart Mart groups, and you can exit easily at any time. You can Opt-in to LSC WhatsApp groups. Honorary Members are not eligible to join LSC WhatsApp groups.

We must respect the privacy of all Members. The WhatsApp LSC Convo group and WhatsApp LSC Smart Mart allow members to post and we ask that, as with Alerts, all posts are contained within the hours of 0700 – 2300 London time, Monday to Sunday.

Hence, please be aware that when you post a message in the LSC WhatsApp Convo or Smart Mart groups it will be visible to everyone in the group. Please only share with others what you comfortably want to and be aware to avoid sensitive or other issues likely to cause offence or which could compromise your safety (such as banking details).

If you wish to converse with one specific person, we encourage you to contact them separately by setting up a bi-lateral WhatsApp window of your own with them. Equally, if you are the recipient of unwelcome messages you may block that person from sending you messages via the WhatsApp features.

It is possible to set up “night hours” profiles on smartphones to avoid being disturbed out of daytime hours so consult your device in the first instance.

Please also note that if you share content via WhatsApp Convo of Smart Mart (text, photos, images, or videos) London Scottie Club reserves the right to re-publish these on the website www.londonscottie.club or on our YouTube channel. It is deemed that sharing content with the group makes it public. So also think carefully about what you share to respect copyright, privacy, good taste, as well as protect the safety of minors.

We hope this guidance will help you to get the most out of the group and also protect you and other recipients from any harm. London Scottie Club accepts no responsibility for posts from Members but encourages everyone to enjoy being part of the club. Thanks for your attention.